An art in which words form pictures in the mind's eye...
Where your imagination is sparked to life and cultural awareness is enhanced.

For more than 15 years Sharon Clarke has warmed the hearts of her audiences with storytelling and folk music. She weaves together song with story, imagery with imagination to delight and captivate the listener. Her dramatic and unique style keeps her audience entranced...laughing and they quickly and unknowingly become part of the yarn-spinner's web.

Sharon offers performances for preschools and elementary schools, churches, libraries, festivals and much more! Storytelling is loved by all ages and the possibilities are endless. Bringing a story to life takes both planning and spontaneity. Programs are made to order
to meet your needs. Sharon will work with you to create the perfect presentation for your group.

Sharon has performed in such settings as: The Charlotte Convention Center, NC Parents as Teachers Statewide Workshops, Hickory Library's American Storyteller's Series, as well as schools, churches, preschools, senior centers and libraries all over the Southeast. She is also a presenter for early childhood, child-care and educational conferences and workshops.

We hope you'll take some time to browse the website to find out more about Sharon and the vast
array of performance possibilities. Then feel free to contact Sharon to ask questions or to schedule
a performance. Press Kit available by clicking HERE.



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